South India Project


Names withheld

India is often described as a spiritual nation. Ancient temples dot the country. Spiritual tourists visit for pilgrimages or meditative retreats. Yoga, found in nearly every American gym, is a spiritual practice of Hinduism. Ideas like “karma” are a part of popular culture. 80% of the nation is Hindu. The number of Christians in India range from 25-60 million. That is a wide range, but a small minority in a nation of 1.3 billion. Christians make up only 2 – 3% of the population.

The population of India is mind-boggling. India is home to thirty-four cities with over 1 million residents each. India’s cities are home to a global entertainment industry, universities, and thriving businesses. The glitz and glitter of the city masks hidden despair. Every hour a student commits suicide in India. R.K.* understands the dynamic world of these cities. He wants to start a new church in a major city to provide opportunities for others to hear about Jesus.

Like most Indians, R.K. grew up as a follower of Hinduism. During college, religious faith was less important than career success, which R.K. found as an entrepreneur. He and his wife launched an internet company that became profitable in a short period of time. They owned real estate, sports cars, and boats. According to R.K., “While I had everything I could have dreamed of, I still felt an emptiness inside.”

R.K.’s wife attended a Bible study, an event which radically changed the direction of their lives. Over time, R.K.’s pursuit of financial success changed into a pursuit of Jesus. Knowing Jesus has set him free from the endless cycle that led to spiritual emptiness. R.K. wants to share that freedom with others. He currently hosts meetings each week to introduce people to the life and teachings of Jesus.

R.K. and his family are preparing to start a church in southern India.

The need is great. Our God is greater.

*Name withheld to protect the identity of the lead planter.